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Sunday 23rd April 2017,

KBOL Radio is a new community-based Low Power FM radio station operating out of the historic Black’s Building in downtown Waterloo. Out of 149 state-wide applicants, KBOL Radio is one of only 13 to be approved and broadcasting. On-air since February 2004, KBOL Radio works to Engage, Enlighten and Empower the greater community through interactive multi-media. A subsidiary of 501. 3, Community Educational Outreach, Incorporated (CEO, Inc.), KBOL Radio represents the harmonious marriage between music and information with social capital, not financial revenue being the main focus. Not bound by musical constraints experienced by most commercial stations, KBOL Radio uses this advantage to expose its listening audience to both popular and non-traditional genres of music including local and independent artists, reggae, Latin and most notably, hip hop. In the truest spirit of “edu-tainment”, KBOL Radio also uses the draw of quality music and celebrity appeal to promote civic and social responsibility to its often-captivated listening audience. KBOL Radio primarily covers Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa but extends into Hudson and Evansdale as well. Additionally, KBOL Radio reaches a national audience through its on-line broadcast and electronic newsletter at Although, KBOL Radio has a diverse listening audience that transcends racial and socio-economic boundaries, our average listener is between the ages of 13-40. best blackjack app for android tablet


The Beginning.

Community Educational Outreach, Incorporated was initially developed by Michael Muhammad in 1998 to address the needs of at-risk youth in the Cedar Valley community. In an attempt to explore unconventional methods of reaching a disenfranchised segment of young people, CEO, Inc. employed strategies originally modeled by youth street workers circa 1960. By approaching and connecting with young people where they were, individuals, community leaders and mentors were able to interact with at-risk teens in their more familiar and thus more comfortable surroundings. And, by establishing mutual respect, the youth street worker technique proved that positive relationships and influence could be obtained in even the most unorthodox and informal settings. Responding to calls and concerns regarding the offerings of local radio stations, Mr. Muhammad sought assistance from a friend to complete the licensing application. Months later during a political event, Michael Muhammad and co-founder Telisa Burt discussed the potential possibilities and a new alliance was formed. Up against an FCC imposed deadline of one year, the pair worked diligently to get the station up and running. On February 4, 2004, KBOL Radio breathed fresh life into Cedar Valley’s airwaves. The first broadcast featured an old school hip hop mix, the first show of its kind throughout Northeast Iowa.

Now as the face of Iowa’s demographic changes, so does the need for alternative means of communication. Throughout Iowa’s history, there have been few minority-owned stations to serve the existing market through progressive urban contemporary formatting. This void enables KBOL Radio to capture a significant portion of the market and garner national attention as more than a novelty, but as a station of substance and innovation. By peeking the interest of nationally recognized artists and industry executives, there become opportunities tourism and economic support for the Cedar Valley will undoubtedly be impacted. Using hip-hop as a social tool, KBOL Radio seeks to bridge the generational gap creating a stronger, more cohesive community.

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